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The Gods Of Light Mythos

The races of light all worship the same gods. The names are different in each different kingdom, but the gods are all the same. The names listed are the English translation for each of the gods.

History of the Gods Of Light

Long ago, before time was time, a race, known as the Ancient Ones lived on the lands of Erth. Great was their power over the lands, such that no one opposed them. But, they failed to learn the lesson, with great power, comes great responsibility, for soon, they began to fight among themselves.

Most of them were consumed in this fight, but those who were strongest ascended to Godhood.

The strongest of the Gods Of Light, Dagmar saw what they had done to the lands and was filled with sorrow. He tamed the lands and made it possible for the other Gods of Light to bring forth those who live on the lands today.

It is said, that if one is strong enough, they can ascend to the heavens and achieve Godhood as well.

The Gods Of Light

- Son of Ballard & Gwyneth
God of Good Fortune
- None
God of Blacksmiths
- Husband of Gwyneth
God of Wine & Food
- Husband of Nedda
King of the Gods
- Wife of Ragnal
Physician of the Gods
- Son of Elric & Janna
God of Rain
- Son of Dagmar & Nedda
God of Wisdom
- Husband of Janna
God of the Sun
- None
Goddess of Love, Passion & Beauty
- Son of Ragnal & Davnet
God of Combat
- Wife of Ballard
Goddess of Gambling & Chance
- None
God of Thieves
- Wife of Elric
Goddess of the Seas & Oceans
- Sister of Dagmar
Goddess of the Earth
- Wife of York
Goddess of Marriage
- Wife of Dagmar
Goddess of the Forests & Nature
- None
Goddess of Death and the Underworld
- Husband of Davnet
God of War
- Son of Dagmar & Nedda
God of Sleep & Dreams
- None
God of Magic
- Son of Dagmar & Nedda
God of the Moon(s)
- Wife of Warring
Goddess of Victory

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