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Coins of the realms

Money, it's as important to an adventurer as equipment is. To the left is an example of coins of the various realms.

Years ago, I decided to use real world pricing for any purchasing, rather than come up with my own pricing structure. Yes, I know, we have automated manufacturing today and other things which make creating anything much easier than it would be in a medieval setting. But in my world, you have magic, which would help with the creation of items, especially since everyone can cast magic.

Plus, by using real world prices, I can also quote payments for various jobs the PCs might be interested in and they will know if a job is worth what they want to pursue or not.

Course, how do you price magic items like from Pathfinder, since I do use those, modified for BRP. Well, I've decided that the cost in gold pieces that are for Pathfinder items is converted directly to Wages. Is it a good conversion, seems to be from what I've been seeing over the past couple of years.

Click this link to view the list of available equipment.

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