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Creatures. This section is still underconstruction, but here it is so far.

To view a particular creature, click the name in the list below.


Dwarf Axefighter Principled
Elf Archer Principled
Elf Pyromancer Principled
Elf Ranger Principled
Ghoul Diabolic
Gnome Recruit Scrupulous
Goblin Sneak Neutral
Half-Orc Fighter Aberrant
Halfling Cleric of Yondalla Principled
Halfling Veteran Scrupulous
Human Axe Sister Principled
Human Blackguard Aberrant
Human Cleric of Order Principled
Human Commoner Beneficent
Human Evoker's Apprentice Scrupulous
Human Executioner Aberrant
Human Man At Arms Principled
Human Thug Aberrant
Human Wander Scrupulous
Kobold Warrior Aberrant
Ogre Diabolic
Orc Warrior Diabolic
Skeleton Miscreant
Wild Elf Barbarian Anarchist
Wolf Neutral
Wood Elf Skirmisher Principled
Zombie Miscreant

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