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Wizard Quest Diety - Fergus


Type: Large Outsider
Divine Rank: 17
Relation: Son of Ragnal & Davnet
Symbol: Fergus's Symbol
Home Plane: Secundum Vita
Alignment: LG
Portfolio: adventure, archers, athletics, balance, chivalry, conquest, courage, discipline, dueling, endurance, fighters, freedom, good, honor, judgment, justice, law, loyalty, protection, retribution, strategy, tactics, valor, victory
Worshipers: Paladins, fighters, monks, judges, constables
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, NG
Domains: Glory, Good, Law, Liberation, Protection
Favored Weapon: Longsword

Abil   base   mod
Str 27 +8
Dex 29 +9
Con 25 +7
Int 33 +11
Wis 45 +17
Cha 31 +10
    Total       Total  
WP 25 VP
AC   82 = 10 + 7 + 9 + 30 + 10 + -1 + 17 + 0
    Total   Base   Armor   Dex   Natural   Misc   Size   Divine   Temp
    Total   Dex   Misc
Initiative   9 = 9 +     Speed  
Base Attack     
Special Attacks: 
Special Qualities: 
Divine Immunities: 
Salient Divine Abilities: 
Domain Powers: 
Spell-Like Abilities: 
Mana: 0
Portfolio Senses: 
Automatic Actions: 

Also known as the God of Combat

The deity of noble combat, glory, law, liberation and protection, Fergus appears as a tall man, with grey eyes. He usually carries a shield, longsword and wears a helmet and armor.

He is the son of Ragnal and Davnet and believes so strongly in noble combat, that he and his father are constantly at odds with each other.

Fergus is warlike, but only in defense of things he believes are worth protecting, such as rightousness, the innocent and the weak.


Fergus expects his followers to uphold the highest ideals of freedom, glory, law and protection. He expects his followers to fight in defense of home and state against outside enemies, and to be skilled in the arts of peace as well as war.

Clergy & Temples: 

Clerics of Fergus oppose worshipers of Ragnal whenever they can and spend the rest of their time protecting civilized lands from outside threats. Fergus' clerics are always active in civic life, serving as judges, advisors, planners and teachers. His church is a great patron of law and balance, sponsoring many government courts.

Temples to Fergus are always stately and pleasant to look at. In less settled areas where monsters and raiders are a threat, Fergus' temples tend to be fortified, but they are still built to be esthetically pleasing.

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