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Calendar Update

2008-06-27 12:06:36

I've updated the calendar to a new look and hopefully better quality one. This time I didn't hide the moon phases for those days that are in the future like I did with the previous version. It occured to me that the only moon which would be hard to predict would be Effrenus, but the priests who follow York would be able to divine that information anyway so I didn't hide it on this one.

Course, since you guys won't know what the weather is, it won't show any weather beyond that for the days which are already past. Another thing I've added is links to any calendar entries that deal with terms defined through the WQPedia. Now if you see a term that you're not sure about in the calendar, you can click it and see what it means. Also, where ever I introduce a PC, if the character exists on the site you'll be able to see information about that too.

I'm planning on other things when I get time!


2008-03-14 02:03:34

I've added a calendar for the Heroes campaign, so you can keep up with what's going on with the group. This calendar works a little differently than the Seven Souls calendar, but is easy to figure out.

I'll update the calendar as quickly as possible to get it up to date with the campaign date. Right now it's about 3 or 4 days behind. Course, I've still got to finish the character saver and finish writing the When Last We Mets but I only have so much time during the day!

Site problems

2007-03-09 08:03:21

The site problems I've been having seem like they've been fixed. I'm not completely sure if I've got them corrected 100%, but at least for the past day and 1/2, I haven't gotten any connection errors. It was partly my fault, but was also because the site kept getting crawled by robots.

But like I said, I think I've got the problem fixed. Hopefully I'm not saying this too soon!

Site Updates

2006-11-09 08:11:06

I started working on the Deity section of the site as I decided to show all of the info on the deities, well except for any special notes I might have written on a particular one. So as I get to work finishing each entry, you'll begin to see stats and other pertainant information on them.

I've also started working on custom symbols for them, and they'll get them as I decide what their particular symbol looks like. Before I was using the ones from the 3.5 worlds, but they don't really fit what I want to use, so I'm changing them.

I also plan on updating the community section as soon as I can and starting to note information about each of the cities. Along those same lines, I've been using Campaign Cartographer 3 to update the maps and have finally figured out how to use the program so I'm making some good headway on the Galideeria map. I hope to have it finished and on the site sometime over the weekend.


2006-08-21 09:08:04

I'm going to be running 2 Wizard Quest games at this year's Necronomicon. More information about each of those games can be found under the Con Info section of the site.


2006-08-15 11:08:48

Just what do those month names mean? I'm glad you asked.

Originally, I used an English to Latin translation site on the web to come up with names for the months. I do this quite often, when coming up with what I consider important names.

That's what I did with the month names. While not necessarily the most accurate of translations, the words have a close meaning, at least according to the site, for what I was looking for. So, if you want to find out what the name of a particular month means, you can by going to the Calendar link and clicking on the link in the paragraph at the top of the page.

Race Name Change

2006-07-31 10:07:16

After much consideration, I have changed the racial name of the dark elves - Drow in my campaign to be Equilus. I had originally named them Aquilus, not thinking that I had already given a major diety/villain the same name. This caused some confusion on the part of the players, which I can completely understand.

So at the risk of further confusion, but what will hopefully help reduce confusion overall, I've gone ahead and changed their name. So from now on, dark elves will be known as Equilus, which falls in line with the naming of my elves, sounds similar to the original name and is different from the diety's name.

Site Updates

2006-04-19 11:04:46

I'm hoping to get another update on the site by Saturday, April 22nd night. Not exactly sure when that night, but the update will be changing the Wyrnack into a playable race and also I'm going to try and hammer out the guidelines for creating a Fey.

I'm also going to start putting out updates to the country maps. I've finally gotten Campaign Cartographer onto the new computer, now if I can find my Photoshop 7 CD, I'll install that as well and do more work on the maps.

Finally, I'm going to attempt to get more data out on the countries themselves so that you guys will know a little more about them before you actually have to go into them! Oh and I'm trying to schedule the next session so that the new players will be there with characters as well.

Races Update

2006-03-10 10:03:47

I have updated the Vallanni to make them playable adding/adjusting the last of their abilities. I believe I am satisfied with the race at last and have therefore made it a playable race.

Also, I added the dark elf race to the campaign, allowing them to be a playable race. Hopefully I have them balanced well enough that they will fit in with the other races. A word of warning though, players who play them might end up having problems when dealing with NPCs as the race's particular infamy is becoming known to the other civilized countries and could cause a PC playing them to have problems.

Finally, I've almost finished working on the Wyrnack and should have them playable by April's game.


Adventure Comments

2005-09-28 12:09:49

I added in a player comments utility to the site so that the players can comment on each adveture session. Feel free to post whatever you guys want about the session. I know any criticism will be constructive!


Equipment Section Online

2005-09-15 04:09:26

Well, I've finally gotten enough of the equipment section working that I can allow access to it. So look through the list and see what you'll be able to buy soon.

I'm going to add a link that will allow the players to suggest new pieces of equipment. That should be functioning in a few days.


Another step toward completion!

2004-11-22 01:11:49

One of the things I had been working on as far as the character generator has been changed and completed, at least as far as I can tell. I didn’t like the original way I had set up the generator as I had to put the points gained and earned into each player’s character. I’ve changed the way the system works, so that it looks at the adventure table to determine the extra points for a player. I’ll need to tweak it a little more as it will give those points to all characters, instead of just the primary one, but it’s ok for now.

So get back to work finding bugs guys.


Character Notes System

2004-11-03 05:11:27

I've got the character notes sytems in place where the players can now click on a Character Notes Sheet link that will open a page that should have all of the special notes that they have added to their characters. If you've got special notes concerning your attributes, skills or defects, you can now print them through this link.

The page that is generated follows a similar format of the character sheet. If you have any difficulties with the new system or you have any suggestions, let me know. If it's broke and you don't tell me about it, I can fix it.


Dreams & Prophecies

2004-10-25 02:10:57

I've added the dreams section to the site, per a conversation that we had over the weekend. I am giving out to much information for the group to take in, something that I was somewhat aware of, but I didn't realize players were concerned that they would screw up the campaign because they thought they might have missed something. I thought I had made it clear to everyone that if you need an important piece of information, I will provide it to the group if someone has heard it during the campaign.

But, since posting the dreams is not that difficult a thing to do, I've started posting the dreams that you have had. If it is a group dream, everyone will be able to see it. If it is a dream that only 1 member of the group has seen, it will not show at all. But, if the individual who has had the dream explains it to the rest of the group, then I will change the dream's status to a group dream.


Quest Page Update

2004-10-13 05:10:09

I did some work on the quest pages, changing the look and making it so that you can see when I have updated the page. I also actually completed the description and GM notes for the latest quest.

Now if I can just get it set up to automatically award points to the players when first enter a quest, I'll be doing something!


Name Generation Site Update

2004-10-08 02:10:59

Just found out a little while ago that the site I was linked to that helped players create a character name is down. Don't know whether it is gone or just off line, but I've linked to a different site.

This new site seems to be alot better than the old one, so I'll probably stay with this one.


General Site Update

2004-10-08 02:31:13

While this isn't really a big change, I have made a change to the news section of the site and the player character section.

News section first! I've changed is so that when I add an article to the section, it will display New next to the headline. The New will only show for only 14 days after the article was posted. That's right, you guessed it, day 15 the New disappears.

I finally got around to fixing the Characters section so that when someone clicks on the View PC button and goes to the PC list, it will show the next link so that you can view the PCs that are not listed on the first page! Everyone say, Hurray!


Quest Section Updated

2004-07-26 11:07:07

Yes, I've been working on the Quest section of the site. I've got all of the games listed, at least I think I've got them all. The dates are probably off some what, but I'll get them fixed as soon as I can.

Big problem is, I've done this while on break at work, so I don't have my calendar notes with me, so the dates are probably off. Soon as I get home tonight I'll look into it a little more.


Player Application Compete For Real!

2004-07-13 11:07:52

Ok, I thought I had actually finished the player character creation application, but I ran into some problems with it and decided to redesign it. So that meant that what I had done, needed to be completely redone.

But, I just finished the recoding, so now hopefully, the character application is now complete. Now it's time for my players to test it out and see if they can break it!


Creature Section Online

2004-06-24 04:06:42

Hey, guess what, another news update! Yes, I have been working on the site and am now updating the news section with a new item.

I've added in a section that will detail the different creatures in the game. Right now, there are 3 creatures, that I have entered into the system as a test. Most of the information is correct, but since they were just test creatures, they are subject to modification.

Also remember, you will only see information about creatures that your characters know about. I'll work out something that will detail a list of all the creatures your characters have come in contact with and provide it to you. Should be done in about a month, more or less.


Player Info Application Up

2004-04-22 09:04:21

The player information application is now up and running. Visitors to the site can view the players who are currently playing or have played the game. I still need to tweak a few things in the player display section of the app.

Also, current players in the game can go in a modify your own story and quote information. Log into the site and a link below the player list will appear that will take you to the editing screen.

I have an update to the news, I just finished getting the character app up and running for the site. Visitors will be able to check out the characters for the game, whether they are PCs or NPCs. Click on the Characters link to visit that part.


Adventure Client Side Up

2004-04-15 02:04:19

I've got the client side of the adventure system up. This means that you can go to the site and view those adventures which have been entered.

That means I've got to get off my keester and get the description and my notes for the last two adventures done. Busy, busy, busy, that's all I ever am.

Good news is, I've got tomorrow and Monday off, so unless my wife has a lot for me to do, I should have some time to catch up on some things, like writing adventure information up.


Archived News

News System Online
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Adventure System Almost Online

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