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Welcome to my latest incarnation of Wizard Quest. The idea for the campaign came to me a number of years ago, 43 is a close number. I have run it using a number of different rules systems, which are listed below, mostly in the order of how I ran them.

  • RuneQuest - Which is where I got the idea for the title.
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
  • Role-Master
  • Tri-Stat
  • Dungeons & Dragons 3.5
  • Pathfinder
  • Basic Role Playing

It occured to me that I had to update the campaign landing page as it was something I hadn't done for quite a little while!

I am still running this campaign but as you can see from the above list, it has kind of returned to it's roots as far as the system I'm using! The campaign originated with the RuneQuest system, which is the same system that has been re-released with quite a few updates as the Basic Role Playing system.

I am happy to be using this system again as it is a classless system, which I really like! Also, with it I can allow anyone to cast spells if they take the appropriate skill!

The world of Erth should be a high magic world, and with BRP I can once again attain that aspect of the world.

But I've always liked the spells that were in DnD, which were picked up and revised by Pathfinder, so I'm porting them into the BRP system. Any non rules specific information is correct in the Magic portion of the site.

I need to get to work updating the various sections of the site as since the rules system has changed, some items won't be correct anymore.

An update about the site, it still deals with most aspects of the campaign world, with sub areas dedicated to the different parts of the campaign in particular. As I said, some info might be out of date, but I'll once again endevour to get everything up to date.

The history link still has information about what has happened in the world, some of which once I get it caught up with contain information from player character exploits during the previous campaigns.

I'll add a BRP Races tab once I get a section configured to display the racial information concerning my races as built using the BRP system.

Guilds information is up to date for the most part as the guild information isn't rule related.

The Deities section is fairly accurate accept maybe for any stat information I may have provided. I need to look closer at the small amount of information about them in the Big Gold Book, which is what the core rules for BRP are referred to.

World information is still fairly accurate and I'll continue using the rules information that Pathfinder has for countries, cities, etc as I get it converted from DnD.

I have been working off and on with a character creation app for BRP and need to get back to work on completing it. Once it's done, I'll post a link to it.

I need to do a major revamp of my equipment section, starting with the information I've written in MS Word. Once that's done I'll post it here on the site.

Lastly, the login link is to allow players of the game to view restricted information available only to them.

Older game systems used with the campaign world.

I'm in the process of changing over from GoO's Tri-Stat system to Wizard's Of The Coast's Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition. Yes, I've fallen into the dark abyss that the Wizards have created.

After much agonizing over dealing with the rules, and creating many house rules using Tri-Stat, I've come to the conclusion that it's not as easy a system as the current D20 one. So I'm changing my campaign over to D20, much to the delight of most of my players. So, the site will have areas which are dedicated to Tri-Stat and others which show the new D20 system. I hope to make it clear which is which.

Well, on with the tale at hand.

I am now running the game once a month. Which is fine with me as I don't want to suffer GM burnout, which has happened before due to real life and managing a complex campaign.

It is a fantasy campaign, with monsters and heroes. The players are the heroes of the realm and hopefully will rise to the challenge of the campaign. I have actually started a new campaign, Heroes of Galideeria, which doesn't have an overarching story, but one which will be driven almost entirely by the players.

I have some general ideas, for what I want to do, taken from the player questionnaires I had the players fill out. They were kind of long, 69 numbered questions, some with sub-questions and I was worried about giving my players that big a piece of homework before the campaign even started, but I think it was a good idea as the players have really helped me by giving me some interesting ideas to use. Course, where they were going with their ideas and where I've gone, might not be the same place, but we'll have fun, I'm sure of it.

As of this writing, we have played 2 sessions and all of the characters are still alive. We've had a couple of close calls and more importantly, I think I'm getting the challenges right for the group. In the last campaign, Tales of the Seven Souls, I didn't quite get the challenges of the encounters to the right level, so the group felt they were mostly invincible. I don't think they feel that way now. Not that I'm trying to kill off the player characters, but I think they're more satisfied at the end of a game session when they realize that their characters could died, but they managed to smartly deal with the situation!

About the site, this site deals with most aspects of the campaign world, with sub areas that deal with each campaign in particular. I hope to keep it dynamic, with information about the world becoming available as I reveal it to the players as well as how the players handle themselves. I am endeavoring to keep the monthly summary of the player's exploits up to date the time!

You will also be able to find out other information about the campaign world by following the menu links to the left.

The history link will display information about what has happened in the world up to the point where the players enter the campaign. The recent history will be fairly accurate, but as the timeline moves further back in time away from the present, the details will become more vague and inaccurate. The players will be able to find out information about the past during the campaign, but the level of accuracy of that information will be suspect until it can be proved or disproved.

D20 Races holds information about the my homebrew races of the world as they relate to D20. The Templates link holds the races as they are worked up using Tri-Stat. The Creatures link held Tri-Stat data for the different converted monsters that I had done so far. It will soon be replaced with a new "Monster Manual" of sorts. I won't have DnD 3.5 stats for the monsters as I don't want to get into legal trouble with Wizards, but I will use it to keep track of the creatures that the player characters have run into during the game. Anything that is listed there is a creature they have encountered or have heard of.

Guilds will hold information about the different guilds that exist in the world. Not all guilds will have information at the beginning of the game, but as time goes by, I will reveal more about each one. Course as I come up with new guild ideas, I'll make sure to add them as well.

Since I am now using the D20 system, the magic spells are already designed using Wizards rules, so this section will be fairly thin. I will include some information about different aspects of the magic in my world, but I won't be including any previously published spells. Course, if I come up with any on my own, I'll be sure to list them here.

Deities will contain information about the gods of the world. Though not every country calls them by the same name, for the most part, the same deities exist through out the world.

World will have information about the countries that exist here. It will also have maps to those countries and also city and dungeon maps. Though most dungeon maps will only be added to the page after the players have explored them.

I'm in the process of working through a player character advancement system, which will allow the players to update their characters for the game right on the site. The actual character information will only be available to the player whose character it is, but others will be able to view the character description.

Equipment will of course contain all of the items available to the players' characters for purchase.

Finally, the login link will allow my players to access sections of the site that are hidden from non-players. That just about wraps up the site, I hope you enjoy your time here, and come back often.

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