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Wizard Quest Diety - Warring


Type: Large Outsider
Divine Rank: 13
Relation: None
Symbol: Warring's Symbol
Home Plane: Secundum Vita
Alignment: NG
Portfolio: arcane knowledge, good, magic
Cleric Alignments: 
Domains: Good, Magic, Rune
Favored Weapon: Dagger

Abil   base   mod
Str 24 +7
Dex 28 +9
Con 25 +7
Int 45 +17
Wis 29 +9
Cha 30 +10
    Total       Total  
WP 25 VP
AC   10 = 10 + + + + + + +
    Total   Base   Armor   Dex   Natural   Misc   Size   Divine   Temp
    Total   Dex   Misc
Initiative   9 = 9 +     Speed  
Base Attack     
Special Attacks: 
Special Qualities: 
Divine Immunities: 
Salient Divine Abilities: 
Domain Powers: 
Spell-Like Abilities: 
Mana: 0
Portfolio Senses: 
Automatic Actions: 

Also known as the God of Magic

Warring, the god of magic appears as a bald old man, with a white full length beard, dressed in flowing black robes. He is a demanding deity expecting obedience from his followers.


Warring promotes using spells and magic items, though many of his followers insist he favors the creation of magic items.

Warring tells his followers that magic is the key to all things. He promises that understanding, personal power, security, order and control over fate come with the study of magic. He admonishes his followers to respect those who came before, because they left their knowledge and smiles upon those followers who leave their knowledge to future mages.

Clergy & Temples: 

The priesthood has a strict hierarchy. His clerics are known for their discipline and obedience to their superiors. Clerics of Warring arbitrate disputes, give advice on magic, investigate magical curiosities, create magic items and research magical spells. Clerics of lower level are expected to defer to ones of higher level at all times. They wear black or grey robes.

Temples to Warring are few and far between, but he counts many powerful sorcerers and wizards among his worshipers. His temples contain extensive libraries of arcane lore and large collections of items that once belonged to great wizards from past eras.

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