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Wizard Quest Diety - Davnet


Type: Large Outsider
Divine Rank: 15
Relation: Wife of Ragnal
Symbol: Davnet's Symbol
Home Plane: Secundum Vita
Alignment: CG
Portfolio: arcane knowledge, balance, birth, childbirth, creation, endurance, fertility, fitness, good, healing, life, medicine, protection, rebirth
Worshipers: Clerics, druids, healers, sages
Cleric Alignments: CG, CN, NG
Domains: Good, Healing, Protection
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Abil   base   mod
Str 24 +7
Dex 33 +11
Con 24 +7
Int 30 +10
Wis 40 +15
Cha 34 +12
    Total       Total  
WP 24 VP 900
AC   10 = 10 + + + + + + +
    Total   Base   Armor   Dex   Natural   Misc   Size   Divine   Temp
    Total   Dex   Misc
Initiative   11 = 11 +     Speed   80 ft.
Base Attack     
Special Attacks: 
Special Qualities: 
Feats: A Thousand Faces, Animal Affinity, Animal Companion, Empower Spell, Extra Turning, Heavy Armor Proficiency, Improved Initiative, Improved Turning, Light Armor Proficiency, Medium Armor Proficiency, Natural Spell, Nature Sense, Perfect Health, Resist Nature’s Lure, Sacred Spell, Self-Sufficient, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Skill Focus - Heal, Timeless Body, Trackless Step, Turn Undead, Venom Immunity, Wild Empathy, Wild Shape, Woodland Stride
Divine Immunities: 
Salient Divine Abilities: Alter Size, Area Divine Shield, Avatar, Banestrike – oozes, Clearsight, Divine Dodge, Divine Fast Healing, Divine Radiance, Divine Shield, Gift of Life, Hand of Death, Increased Damage Reduction, Increased Energy Resistance, Increased Spell Resistance, Instant Counterspell, Know Death, Life and Death, Mass Life and Death, Rejuvenation
Domain Powers: 
Spell-Like Abilities: 
Spells: All Cleric and Druid spells cast at base DC = 25 + spell level.

Mana: 0
Portfolio Senses: 
Automatic Actions: 

Also known as the Physician of the Gods

Davnet appears as a beautiful young woman in golden robes, with auburn hair, hazel eyes and flawless skin. She usually carries an ornate quarterstaff.

The goddess of healing and protection, it was Davnet who first taught people the healing art. While generally benevolent and helpful, she can be truly terrible when angry, often striking down creatures with her staff.


Davnet is a tolerant goddess who is interested in protecting the weak and healing the wounds and ailments of the body and spirit. She preaches peace, forgiveness and justice over revenge. She urges her followers to make peace where they can and to help those who have strayed atone for their misdeeds. She does not tolerate willful acts of evil, however and has no patience with unrepentant criminals. She has a very low opinion of thieves and those who make their livings dishonestly. She advocates stern penalties for outlaws.

She urges her followers to be bold and relentless when facing evil and to take time to appreciate the finer things in life.

Clergy & Temples: 

Davnet's clerics often wear golden or yellow colored garb. They serve as protectors and healers. They prefer a peaceful role, mediating disputes and making the injured whole when they can. They are not afraid to take up arms when necessary, however, and gladly make their points on the battlefield if they cannot do so in the council chamber.

Davnet's temples are usually placed in sunny spots or near hot springs. In addition to hospitals for the sick, her temples usually offer protection for those in search of it.

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