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Welcome to the world of Wizard Quest. Below is a map of the known world. At present, you can only view the world, but eventually, you will be able to click on the map and get enlarged views of each of the countries, along with information about that country.

World Map



Aramir No
Baggeera No
Caelum Yes
Calvinnia Yes
Clannestry No
Fairlath No
Galideeria Yes
Garrath No
Ginnam No
Iltarra Yes
Isantil No
Juntu Yes
Kennam No
Kolithgard Yes
Kurathil No
Lacknam No
Menelot No
Munnam No
Piknostrall No
Sorcerer Isle No
Takag No
Trondheim No
Vallan Yes
Wastra No
Wyrnack No

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