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Government Type: Republic
Composition: Baggeerans & various other races as slaves

A fairly rigid caste society, each sub-race has a place in the general society. In general, though not always entirely the case, the following listing denotes which sub-races handle which types of occupations.

  • Baggeeran – Panther man: They mostly hold positions of authority. They are the defacto rulers of the country. In the entire history of the race, a Baggeeran has always ruled them. Magic users also tend to be Baggeerans.
  • Jaggeeran – Jaguar man: They tend to hold the religious positions. Priests and healers, this sub-race seems to be better suited for these jobs.
  • Lionian – Lion man: They are usually the workers and soldiers of the country. The stronger members of their race, and are therefore better suited to hold these jobs.
  • Lynxian – Lynxman: They are usually the more roguish members of society. Scouts and bards also tend to be Lynxians.
  • Tiggeeran – Tiger man: They tend to be rangers foremost, but occasionally will be soldiers as well. Though never as skilled in the art of war as the Lionians are.

While following a occupational path that doesn’t match your sub-race’s usual one, it does not necessarily cause the individual to be an outcast, but the rest of the race will usually consider the individual in question to be of a more rebellious nature. They will tend to always be the odd man out.


Galideeria is the only country that can be considered an ally, but Galideeria’s insistence of keeping a tight control of the Daresh Sea, in search of pirates, keeps the Baggeerans from developing closer ties.


While no countries are considered enemies, the following list of countries have shown at least moderate levels of hostility toward Baggeera.

  • Fairlath
  • Isantil
  • Kennam
  • Munnam
Language: Baggeeran, Jaggeeran, Lionian, Lynxian, Tiggeeran and Trade Speak
Map: Baggeera

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