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Wizard Quest Country Detail for - Munnam


Government Type: Authoritarian
Capital: North Hill
Composition: Humans with various other races as slaves.
  • Moist with adequate precipitation in all months and no dry season.

  • Hot summers where the warmest month is over 72F in the interior regions of the country.

  • Warm summer with the warmest month below 72F near the coast, lake and mountains.

  • Very cold winters with the coldest month below -36F.
Allies: Ginnam & Isantil

While there is no formal declaration of war, Baggeera is considered an enemy.

The government of Munnam chaffs under the aggressive nature of the Galideerian navy, while the private citizens who own sailing and fishing craft welcome the Galideerian policing of the inner sea.

Language: Munnamize - dialect of Clannestry

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