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Wizard Quest Country Detail for - Iltarra


Government Type: Monarchy
Capital: Wychvale
Population: 1,004,680
Composition: Humans, Dwarves, Elves and Halflings.
  • Moist with adequate precipitation in all months and no dry season.

  • Hot summers where the warmest month is over 72°F in the interior regions of the country.

  • Warm summer with the warmest month below 72°F near the coast and mountains.

  • Very cold winters with the coldest month below -36°F.
  1. Arms & Armor – Any non-military personnel must have a permit to be a mercenary in order to carry arms and/or wear armor. Anyone found to not possess a mercenary permit, may be subject to questioning, confiscation of arms and armor and possible arrest. Fines may also be applied concerning the violations at the discretion of those conducting the search.

    Non-citizens may be questioned as to their reasons for being in the country and carrying arms and armor and then their arms and armor may be confiscated until such time as they complete their business in the country.

    If non-citizens provide a reasonable need for carrying arms and armor, they may be granted a special permit to carry said equipment.

  2. Clothing & Jewelry – Only nobility is allow to wear clothing that has been dyed navy blue, and is made of silk or velvet. Furthermore, the wearing of certain uniforms is restricted to military or guard personnel. The dark red uniform of the military/guard is restricted.

    Recognized jewelry restrictions follow, most jewelry is allowed except pendants (badges) which identify members of the Bardic College, Rangers’/Scouts’ Order, Wizards’ Guild, clergy of the recognized churches. Those are restricted to individuals who are members of those organizations.

    Punishment for breaking these laws varies from confiscation of the jewelry in question and fines for the Bardic College, Rangers’/Scouts’ Order badges, to imprisonment for possession of Wizards’ Guild badges and possession of symbols identifying individuals as clergy.

  3. Forced Labor – Generally individuals who have failed to pay back debts can be forced into servitude to repay the debt. Furthermore, commoners may be pressed into temporary service for a public works project, such as the construct/repair of a roadway or bridge which is in close proximity to their property.

    Military personnel on extended duty may billet in private homes if they cannot reach a more suitable camping location prior to nightfall. Outright slavery is strictly forbidden and is punishable by imprisonment for a specified period of time, depending on the violation, with forced servitude for another specified period of time after the end of the prison sentence.

  4. Legal Privilege – In the event of a crime, common citizens can expect justice to be handled by the local magistrate. Noble individuals can expect some kind of trial by their peers.

    Individuals from the established organizations can expect trial and punishment to be handled by their organization, unless the crime is against a person of noble station. In the event of individuals from the Bardic College and Rangers’/Scouts’ Order, trial is by local lord. In the event of individuals from the Wizards’ Guild or clergy, trial is by local lord with representation on hand by the Wizards’ Guild or local temple.

  5. Wealth & Power – As a common guideline, adventurers can expect to be treated well by the common man as they gain wealth and power, but those of noble station will still consider them to be a member of the commoner class until such time as a title has been granted to the individual. Individuals who have performed some service for the local government can expect better treatment, with the possible bestowing of a title as well.
Allies: Kennam
Enemies: Isantil
Language: Iltarran
Map: Iltarra

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