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Wizard Quest Character Generation Page - Tales of the Seven Souls
Determine Ability Scores
Generate your character's six ability scores by distributing 32 points among them. Each point will raise an ability score by 1 point, ability scores start at 10. Record your choices on a piece of scrap paper.
See Chapter 1 of the Player's Handbook for more details.

Choose Your Class And Race
Choose your class and race because some races are better suited to certain classes. Click here to view a list of available classes for the campaign. Each class will have a short description with important information about the class and races in relation to the campaign.
Click here to view a list of available races for the campaign.
Write your class and race selections on your character sheet.

Assign And Adjust Ability Scores

Review The Starting Package

Record Racial And Class Features

Select Skillls

Select A Feat

Review Description Chapter

Select Equipment

Record Combat Numbers

Details, Details, Details

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