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Welcome to the Basic Role Playing rules section. This section will have information about the BRP role playing system and the house rules I'll be using in the game.

Basic BRP Rules

I really like BRP for a number of reasons, first, it is a classless system, your character is defined by the skills he has. Second, it is a leveless system, you don't progress in levels but your character does improve via skills increasing in percentage. It is a d100 system, and the skills normally progress from 0 to 100%, with options allowing the players to have them increase to 200%.

Also, a number of very good rule sets have been published in the past, Runequest (a fantasy setting), Call of Cthulhu, Elric and many others. The most recent versions all use the same general rule set, unlike other game systems out there.

So the main rule set I'm using is what is commonly referred to as the BGB or Big Gold Book, a compilation of the core rules. Other rule sets expand what is in the BGB and I use various options from that rule set and also others. I will indevour to expand on the basic rules I'm using and then go into the house rules.

At the core, I'm using the BGB, with a version of the character generation from Magic World. Magic World simplifies character creation by assigning point values to your skills, rather than use a point pool. While the point pool allows you to customize your character more, it makes character creation much more involved and cumbersome. I do allow you to add points from a couple of skill point pools, but the main skill assignment comes from fixed values. See the Character Creation section of the website for more info. I've also come up with my own professions, styled after the Magic World professions and customized for my game world.

From the latest Runequest rules, version 6, I'm going to use the Combat Style Traits. They're somewhat like Feats from Dungeons and Dragons, but not exactly. Normally you create combat styles for your players to choose from but for the number of skills I give out, the combat styles portion doesn't work for my game. So the players take skill in specific weapons, and then choose at least 1 combat style trait at the beginnning of the game. As an example, Blind Fighting - Allows user to reduce any penalties imposed due to poor lighting or temporary blinding to be reduced by one difficulty grade. These traits are very similar to Feats from DnD, but patterned to BRP.

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