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To view the history for the old campaign, click here.

The Beginning

Not too much is known about the way the world was before the Great Burning. No records exist in The Valley from this time; any that did exist have long since faded away as the challenge of surviving outweighed the need for keeping historic records. As such, much of what was known has been passed down through stories from parent to child. When record keeping was established, all of the past that could be remembered were written down.

It is said, that once the Pupils' ancestors had lived outside the walls of The Valley. Their numbers had been great, and their way of life was prosperous and filled with much joy and wonder.

But something happened which caused the Pupils' ancestors, known as the Ancients, to go to war with one another. It is not known by any race of the Valley why it happened only that it did. Fortunately for the Pupils they were on a trip in the Valley when the Great Burning came and were saved by the Teacher who helped create their home, the Refuge.

It is believed that the Na Figen helped the Teacher as well, but this is not known for sure. There are those who believe that the Na Figen have always been and will always be.

The Great Burning

Not much is known about the Great Burning, but it is known that all the Ancients of the world fought each other and it is believed that this war has destroyed much of the world. Only the Valley was mostly spared from the Burning, except for the Great Hole, which it is rumored was caused by one of the great weapons that the Ancients used on one another.

The length of time of the Great Burning is believed to have only lasted a short time, perhaps at most a few months. What is known is that the Burning was violent and seeming consumed everything beyond the edge of the Valley.

The Time of Darkness

Not much is known about the outside world during the Time of Darkness. The Time of Darkness is considered to be from the end of the Great Burning, until about 9 generations ago, when the Refuge and other settlements of the Valley were established enough that history could begin to be recorded again. It was during this time that the Pupils' Refuge was built and the Great Walls erected. The East Great Wall was originally put in place to protect the Pupils from the newly born, Brun, Lupas and Pum, who were quite savage when they first came into being. The West Great Wall was put in place to close off that end of the valley in an attempt to keep the outside creatures from entering the Valley. The only record that was kept was the passage of the months of the year that the Ancients used.

What was happening in the world outside the Valley is not known as no one who ventured beyond the walls of the Valley ever returned. It is known that the Na Figen did not venture beyond the walls of the Valley but they did defend the Valley many times from horrors that ventured into the Valley from the outside.

A number of times creatures from the outside world, misshapen by the Great Burning, came into the Valley and each time, began a path of destruction wherever they went. But that path was never very long as the Na Figen always quickly appeared and destroyed the creatures with fiery blasts.

The most recent and worst attack happened about 144 years ago when a monster of Living Metal entered the Valley. From the Pum, Brun and Lupas records, it is known that the creature crossed the Great Hole and began to destroy much of their lands as it followed a mostly western course.

Normally, it would have been handled immediately by the Na Figen, but for some reason, they did not move to confront it until it had blasted a hole in the East Great Wall. Why the creature made it that far before it was destroy by the Na Figen and not sooner, it is not known. The Na Figen as usually did not communicate with the Pupils after they had destroyed the Living Metal monster.

What is known is that quite a few Na Figen were killed during the battle, they melted away like water as they were killed by the Living Metal monster. Those that survived kept the Pupils away from the Living Metal monster until it could be removed from the area by them.

Recent history

Life has been good in the recent past. No monsters have entered the Valley in the past 90 or so years. The People of the Valley, Brun, Lupas, Pum and Pupils all live together, trading with each other for what is needed. Although the East Great Wall still stands, the doors in the wall normally stay open all the time to allow freedom of movement in and out. While each race has their own lands, they can be found travelling from the East end to the West end of the Valley in peace.

A Great Council has been formed with 2 representatives, 1 male and 1 female, from each of the People representing their interests in the Valley. The Council has final say with regards to all things of the Valley. It was decided that this Council would best decide how to proceed with the Valley's future and to insure that the People would work together toward a bright future. The Great Council meets in the capital village of the Refuge, Verdale Monte.


It is now April 7th, 175 YotV (Year of the Valley) and you have been summoned to Verdale Monte by the Great Council.

�2001-2024 John E. Gunter, johnprime.com

The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the GURPS Atomic Horror/Space systems from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

The Gamma World campaign setting is only used as inspiration for my campaign world all conversions to the GURPS system are my own and are not offically endorsed by Wizards Of The Coast.