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Today is Friday July 12, 0278

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I've got a new house rule as it were in my game and it involves player journals. The idea came from Scott Hardie, so I want to give him credit here. Any player that writes a journal entry will receive an extra character point. This will give me more journal entries for the players and will help them get some more experience for their characters.

There are a couple rules that a journal must follow for it to qualify. To see those rules, click on the house rules link in the main menu. I'm not being strict in that your character must be able to write, as the campaign is one that literacy is an advantage. In another campaign, I would probably make it be an actual journal entry. But in this campaign, character thoughts about what has happened over the last play session qualify.

Jeram My First Trip Outside The Valley
Jeram My second trip
Jurado Acquainting Myself with Humans
Jurado Bral in the Underground Tunnels
Jurado Shopping in Cedar City
Jurado Questions for Neil and the Titanium Blade
Jurado Watching the Bug-Men
Jurado Simon of Cheyenne
Jurado A Battle at Last
Jurado Kali and Tom Help Me Kill Rat-Men

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