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Today is Friday May 19, 0282

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The Living Valley campaign is a Basic RolePlaying Gamma World role-playing game. Characters should be built using the BRP rules system, with some modifications to allow for the flavor of a Gamma World game.

I now have 3 approved races for the campaign besides humans, with more on the way. The approved player races follow, the Pum, Brun and Lupas are now available. To view the racial package, click here.

This page has information about the races, character class templates, mutations, equipment and creatures that populate the world. There will be certain things that the players will not be able to see, especially things like the creatures, until their characters actually meet those creatures. Once they have met them in game, I will make their information available through the interface.

As it is Gamma World, I'm in the process of modifying the mutations from the 2nd edition version of the game for use in BRP. While the two games do not use the same game system, conversion is going to be fairly easy as the systems are similar enough. Most of the big changes will be reducing the amount of damage that can be dealt or healed to reflect the fact that BRP system has fewer hit points.

Another big difference between the two games is that BRP has a more complete skill system along with the idea of using professions to define what skills a character has experience in. Characters will be able to use most any skill, well except things like sciences. Those have a base of 0% as you have to be trained in them first, which the characters could get during the campaign.

I've got the view ready for the current available races and mutations. I am in the process of putting/converting the mutations into the database so they will able to be viewed from the interface page. To bring up the interface page, click here.

All mutations follow this format. Mutation name, range, type, duration, use, number damage and effects, which is like a description of the mutation. Mutations are only available to altered humans and mutated animals, of which there are 3 races to start with.

Once we start creating characters, which I plan on having a character creation session be the first of the game sessions, I'll have the various tables required for rolling up the characters. We should have enough time to actually play some that night as well.

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