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©1993 Larry Elmore - Ancient Powers


This is the race that all members of the Refuge are made up from. From paintings of the Teacher that are available, it has been determined that the Pupils resemble the race that were the rulers of the world before the 'Great Burning'. The ancient ones, as they were known, were capable of feats well beyond those of the Pupils.

It is said that they had the power to change the shape of the world itself. Something that is beyond any Pupil, even those who have been touched by the 'Witchfire' that the ancients released on each other.

The color of skin tone of the Pupils ranges from an almost white through a caucasian color. Eye color also varies, with brown being the most prevalent, but green, blue and hazel can be found also. Very rare is the color red, which is usually the eye color of an individual who has white skin. Only 3 such individuals have every been born in the Refuge. Hair color is usually a brown, but blonde and red are not uncommon.

Although the Pupils and ancients are similar in that they are both humanoid races, no Pupil has ever been born with the unique characteristics of the ancients that the Teacher displayed. Namely, the Teacher had dark, almost black, luxurious hair that hung to her waist. Her skin was a deep almost bronze color and her eyes were a deep dark brown. Although some Pupils have the same eye color, none have ever had the same dark skin color or hair color.

©2001 Brom - Dark Elf

Na Figan

Known as the Na Figan, this race of changelings has taken it upon themselves to be the peace keepers and protectors of the Valley. As they are shape shifters, their self appointed job of being the protectors of the Valley is hard to ignore. NO, they are not a playable race, but I have them on this page because they have a great impact on the pre-game history.

What their true form is, remains a mystery. As well as their exact numbers and where their villages are. They are most often seen in a transitory form, halfway between a non-organic form, into a humanoid form.

They allow no conflicts to erupt between the other races of the Valley. Quickly putting to sleep those involved and then returning the unconscious bodies to their respective homes. They use some form of witchfire to cause this sleep, which is unknown to the other races.

As quick as they are to stop conflicts between the races, they completely ignore any internal conflict of each race.

Na Figan allow no outsiders to enter the Valley. Always moving quickly to the area of entry and repulsing the intruders.

In the known history of the Refuge, only once have the Na Figan used deadly force in their protection of the Valley.

A Living Metal monster had entered into the Valley, somehow without the knowledge of the Na Figan. It wandered from the east end of the Valley, coming out of the Great Hole and travelled west along the Winding River, finally entering the Refuge, creating a hole in the Great Wall, and began attacking the Pupils. With several buildings damaged or destroyed, it was feared that nothing would be able to stop the monster.

But, the Na Figan had now realized that the monster was in the Valley and moved to destroy it. The battle was great and a number of Na Figan perished, but the monster was destroyed.

The Na Figan removed the remains of the monster and all Na Figan who were killed disolved like water, running into the ground, before the eyes of the Pupils, solving the mystery of why the remains of dead Na Figan had never been found.

©2001 rogminotaur.com - Father, please don't let go.  I will always miss you.


The Pum are a proud race of humanoid felines who live in the Valley. Their lands are the farthest from the Refuge as you travel from west to east in the Valley.

The Pum are the decendants of the Mountain Lion population which existed in the Valley at the time of the war. A fierce race of warriors, they are very loyal to their companions.

To view the Pum character template, click here. You will need to select the Pum race from the drop down menu, but this will take you to the racial viewing interface.

Brun Picture


The Brun are a race of humanoid bears. The largest race in the Valley, the giant bearmen are generally peaceful creatures. But due to their great size, only a fool would anger one.

The best healers in the Valley, the Brun are accepted by every other race. Wanders by nature, the Brun range over most of their lands. The only permanent settlements that exist, are the fields where they grow their crops, and the two trading areas which exist at either end of their lands.

To view the Brun character template, click here. You will need to select the Brun race from the drop down menu, but this will take you to the racial viewing interface.

Lupas Picture


The Lupas are a race of humanoid wolves. Their land is the closest to the Refuge so they have had the most contact with the humans. A very social race, they are steadfast friends of the humans and would be considered allies of the Refuge. Lupas live a simple life, enjoying nature and all things dealing with the outside.

Most trading between the humans and the other races in the Valley is handled through the Lupas.

To view the Lupas character template, click here. You will need to select the Lupas race from the drop down menu, but this will take you to the racial viewing interface.

�2001-2024 John E. Gunter, johnprime.com

The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the GURPS Atomic Horror/Space systems from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

The Gamma World campaign setting is only used as inspiration for my campaign world all conversions to the GURPS system are my own and are not offically endorsed by Wizards Of The Coast.