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Today is Friday July 12, 0278

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So, who are the players in the campaign?

Well, the group has settled down for the most part with 5 of us, that's with me included. I've got the php pages almost done and then it'll be time to drop all the other pages for the php version.

If you are reading this the php version is up and running. If I don't have all of the players up by then, I should have them up soon.

As all this is coming from a database, it'll be a lot easier for me to update these pages. Let's just hope nothing ever happens to the data!

The GM - John Gunter

So, this is me, the game master. Well being the game master is one way I can be incharge.

Most of the players from the old group didn't have time to play anymore, so we pretty much dropped the campaign. Part of the problem stemmed from me, I didn't have enough time to plan for the game sessions, so the last few were a little lacking in content. So, the campaign ended.

Well, my biggest time constaint, school, will soon be over. May 2nd, 2002 is the last day of classes, and then I'll have my internet developer certificate. Then the only thing taking up the majority of my time will be work. So, I should be able to spend more time planning gaming sessions.

As such, I'm going to start a new campaign. I also think one of my problems with the old game was I was trying to handle too many players. I don't want to deny anyone the chance to game with me, but I would rather turn someone away to allow a better game, then accept an extra person and not be able to give enough attention to everyone.

I had limited the number of players I had in the game to 4, but the group has ended up growing beyond that number. It seems to be working ok, not that it's been complete smooth sailing, but we are still having fun. But isn't that the whole point of gaming?

If you have any questions or comments about the campaign, feel free to email them to me at, [email protected]

The Current Players

We are in the process of getting 3 more players. We have ended up merging our group with the one that did have 8 players, but most of them left, so they are down to 3, which will make the group have 5 total. That makes a nice sized group. Plus, 2 of the other players are GMs, so I'm not going to be the only one running! Yeah!!!

In case you are interested in seeing the players from our old group and campaign, here's the link to that page.

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