Today is Tuesday April 23, 2024

Oh Those Wonderful People
We Call Players

These are some quotes I kept from the group I used to play with when I lived in Miami. We had some really great times, but I left the group when I moved to St. Petersburg. I wonder if they still get together to play?

I'll try and include the situation where the comment was made, but as most happened over 10 years ago, I might not be 100% accurate at remembering the situation.

  • Scott J. - "I'm taking this one as a prisoner, you can kill the rest."
  • I was running a campaign of Champions, and the heroes (the players) were in the process of subduing the terrorists that had attacked the top 5 floors of both towers of the World Trade Center.

  • Andrew S. - "I'm not weird looking! Doesn't everyone have four eyes and six arms?"
  • Another Champions campaign, but I don't remember which was the one he said it in. Champions was the main game we played, but most of Andrew's characters were kind of weird.

  • Joe 'Gonz' G. - "They can co-ordinate, I'm not stupid!"
  • Said during a Champions campaign, when one of the other players were trying to get Gonz' character to attack a rather large group of agents, solo.

  • Eric B. - "What are disadvantages for!"
  • If memory serves correctly, Eric was running this Champions game when he made this statement, but I'm not completely sure.

  • Bob B. - "My character is weak! Everyone else is bogus!"
  • Said during a Champions campaign when only the more munchkin like players were playing. The role-players hadn't joined the game yet.

  • Joe B. - "You bastard, you took my kill!"
  • Said during a Champions game, was there any other game to play during those years? If memory serves, he had been fighting with another villain and one of the other players knocked the villain unconscious before Joe could deliver the knock out blow.

  • Jay C. - "I exist in all times and dimensions, simultaneously!"
  • As stated during a Champions campaign, where he was once again playing his powered suit character. It was the only character Jay would play, and Jay was very proud of the character.

  • Nick C. - "Aaaagggg, I don't need to sit down, I've got a loud mouth!
  • Said during a Champions game, but this was a statment that was directed at the group, not about the game. Nick was having one of his usual episodes, where he was allowing the Cuban coffee to take over!

  • Andrew S. - "I'm stupid and John is dead, ha, ha, ha!"
  • Said after his character did something really stupid that got my character killed during a game. Since I had died, I know it wasn't a Champions campaign, but I think we were using the Hero System to play the campaign. If memory serves, all the other characters died horribly soon after my untimely demise.