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Real Date

When Last
We Met?

The Road To Vindocladia 3999-04-01 2004-02-28 Yes
The Council of the Majei 3999-04-03 2004-03-20 No
The Road to Pelalsol Keep 3999-04-07 2004-04-24 No
The Assault of Pelalsol Keep - Burn It! 3999-04-09 2004-06-26 No
In Search of the Unit of the Red Hand 3999-04-12 2004-07-17 No
The City Of Twin Docks 3999-04-15 2004-08-14 No
The Inn Of The Seven Souls 3999-04-23 2004-08-28 No
Of Gods, Men and Portents 3999-04-24 2004-10-09 Yes
A Party Divided? 3999-04-27 2004-11-13 Yes
The Keep of Vayl Hawthorn 3999-04-29 2004-12-13 No
Into the Keep 3999-05-01 2005-01-10 Yes

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